Marc Leroy-Calatayud


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© Cyril Cosson


June 2021

03.06, Draguignan Orchestre de Cannes, Tchaïkovski, Schostakovitch
04.06, Cannes Orchestre de Cannes, Tchaïkovski, Schostakovitch
05.06, Angers ONPL, enregistrement d'une musique de film
28.06, San Lorenzo Orchestra Regionale della Toscana, Mozart, Tchaïkovski
29.06, Carmignano Orchestra Regionale della Toscana, Mozart, Tchaïkovski
30.06, Cerreto Guidi Orchestra Regionale della Toscana, Mozart, Tchaïkovski

July 2021

01.07, Firenze Orchestra Regionale della Toscana, Mozart, Tchaïkovski
17.07, Toulouse Orchestre National du Capitole, Gala B. Bernheim

August-September 2021

Chef assistant, Opéra National de Paris Oedipe, Enescu


Ballet: Cinderella (Prokofiev)

Opera: Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini)

Gustav Mahler, Symphony n°1, 3rd mvt

©Cyril Cosson

Photo bannière ©Alain Herzog

GROPÉRA #02 - Il Barbiere di Siviglia en 9'

© Julien James - Photographe


Un Elixir d'Amour, 2021

Leading the Orchestre des Frivolités Parisiennes, in a reduced version, Marc Leroy-Calatayud highlights all the nuances of Donizetti's colourful instrumentation, in a display of rare elegance. Opéra Magazine, Mars 2021, A. Caron

Marc Leroy Calatayud's conducting is invigorating and attentive towards the joyful troupe on stage. TouteLaCulture, Avril 2021, P. Fourier

Barbiere di Siviglia, 2019

"[...] Marc Leroy-Calatayud's spirited and lively conducting imprints energetic tempi as well as clear and refined gestures. We are charmed by his communicative enthusiasm: absolutely keep an eye on this talent. If Marc Leroy-Calatayud manages with simpleness to polish one of the most-played opera scores, let him promptly breathe new life on rarities!" ClassiqueNews, P. Diaz, 14/02/2019

"[...] the choir reacts to the Rossinian fluency that Marc Leroy-Calatayud pulsates from an elevated baroque pit. Rhythms and colours become sharper, the irony more biting, under his lively and energetic conducting." Toutelaculture, G. Charlassier, 15/02/2019

Mârouf, Savetier du Caire, 2018

"The young man conducts from the pit with flawless, flexible technique and dedication, highlighting the warm oriental colours, the cheerful rhythms as well as the bright fanfares from the orchestra [...]" Ôlyrix, C. Arden, 12/02/2018

"Last but not least, the Bordeaux audience acclaims with enthusiasm the qualities of young french conductor Marc Leroy-Calatayud [...]" ClassiqueNews, E. Andrieu, 14/02/2018

"The young conductor’s precise and energetic gestures [...] highlight the richness of instrumentation and its orientalist effects." Toutelaculture, G. Charlassier, 13/02/2018


"The young wizard", Portrait Sud-Ouest, 7/02/2018



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